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Looking to buy Apple watch this time? Check out the watch review here

Apple has placed smart watches into the forefront and this has generated a significant interest towards the device among the potential customers. More people are looking to procure Apple watches as an alternative for Rolex watches, but one must check out the risks of gray market watches prior to buying it. An Apple watch is much more user friendly, interesting, engaging when compared to Pebble. A user can check out the emails, time and various other things. Smartwatches like Apple watches are the very future of smart phones and thus it is important to have one. A prospective buyer needs to have a glimpse into the features before attempting to make any purchase. You might also check at Luxurious Watch Review.

Amazing features of Apple watches

The software of the Apple watch is updated and thus you can enjoy extra features and functionalities. It can monitor your heart rate, track the steps and let you play wireless music. You may send animated emoji to your friends, dictate messages, check your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram notifications and can even send heartbeat to a loved one. You will stay connected to your loved ones with the smart watch and indeed there is no need to check your smart phone all the time. The features and functions of Apple watch are similar to that of an iPhone.

The attractive design of the watch

Well, talking of the design, the design of the watch is attractive and crisp. It has elegant and discreet look featuring the clean lines with curved glass that unites to the curved metal. There is no sharp edge on the device. The case of the device is made up of stainless steel that curves inwards to appear thin. The watch may be procured in two different variants, namely, the one with 1.5 inches and the other with 1.3 inches casing. You can look for the one which has a better battery life. This is why it is important to have a watch review.

The display quality

The Apple smart watch features the display of 1.5inch OLED carrying the resolution of 272x340p and the pixel density 326ppi just like that of the iphone.

There is not the use of usual LED display but we have the OLED. The screen is colorful, bright and the display is very accurate and sharp.

The superior battery life

The device features 205mAh lithium ion battery. Other features include 500MhZ S1 Processor of the brand, 8GB storage space, 512 MB RAM space.

Digital touch is another unique feature of the Apple watch which allows you to send finger sketches, taps and heart rate. So, before making any purchase, just peruse through the review.

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